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The End of the Vikings in Britain

After 1042 the Vikings living in England are ruled by the Anglo-Saxon king, Edward the Confessor. In 1066 Harold II takes the crown but in that same year he is attacked by Harold Hardrada of Norway who invades the north of England. Harold Hardrada is defeated on 25th September at Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire. Then Duke William of Normandy invades the south of England. Williams wins the Battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066, killing Harold II and becoming the first Norman king of England. (Use the Bayeux Tapestry to find out more about the Battle of Hastings)

Thus the Viking and Anglo-Saxon periods in England come to an end.

The Vikings who settled in England continued to live there, as we can see from the place-names. Parts of Scotland continued to be ruled by the Vikings for several centuries.

Coin of Harold II drawn by Joe age 10 1/2
Joe age 10 1/2
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Viking Activities

Here are a few ideas of activities to help you learn about the Vikings:

  • Look for Viking place-names in your area

  • Try writing your own Viking Saga

  • Write a message in runes

There are more Viking activities on the BBC Schools website

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