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Books on The Anglo-Saxons

Baxter N. Romans and Anglo-Saxons in Britain - Craft Topics Series (Franklin Watts)
Dowswell P. Sutton Hoo – The Anglo-Saxon way of Life and Death (National Trust)

Heroes of History Anglo-Saxons – Life in Britain during the Dark Ages (Colour History)

Knapp B. Anglo-Saxon Raiders and Settlers – Curriculum Visions (Atlantic Europe)

Macdonald F. Anglo-Saxon and Viking Britain – Life in Britain Series (Watts)

Malam J. 14 October 1066 the Battle of Hastings (Cherrytree Books)

Pitkin Guide The Saxons

Pitkin Guide Saxons and Vikings

Reeve J & Chattington J. The Anglo-Saxons Activity Book (British Museum)

Riley P D. Anglo-Saxon Invaders and Settlers – Step-Up History (Evans Bros.)

Sharman M. Anglo-Saxons – Britain Through the Ages (Evans)

Stoppleman M. What Happened Here? Anglo-Saxon Village (A&C Black)

Williams B. Alfred the Great (Hamlyn)

Williams B. The Saxons and Vikings (Heinemann)

Whittock M. Living in Anglo-Saxon England (Heinemann)

Reading Books / Anglo-Saxon Stories

Crossley-Holland K. Beowulf –illustrated version (Oxford University Press)

Hague L. Saxon Superman (Anglia Books)

Hayes R. Flight of the Mallard – A Fenland Adventure (Anglia Books)

Hayes R. Misson from the Marsh (Anglia Books)

Lane S. The Riddle Girl – An Anglo-Saxon Story (Anglia Books)

Oakden D. History Quick Reads No. 7 Stories of the Saxons and Vikings (Anglia Books)

Sheeham L. The Plague Piper (Anglia Books)

Swallow S. The Haunted Coast (Anglia Books)

Reference Books

Millard A. A Street Through Time (Dorling Kindersley)

Wilkes A. A Farm Through Time (Dorling Kindersley)

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