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Using Archives in Teaching

Archives can provide primary sources of history that can aid in teaching children of any age (and of course adults). Archives can range from old photographs and letters to newspaper articles and drawings.

Archives on this Website

Material from the documentary archive of the archaeologist, Edward Thurlow Leeds, has been used on this website. This has included extracts from his notebooks and records, original photographs and drawings, as well as artefacts found on sites excavated by E.T. Leeds.

This archive material can be used to:

  • understand archaeology and the work of archaeologists
  • demonstrate what an archive is and what it can contain
  • show the types of evidence used to interpret history and archaeology

The following pages on this website can be used to understand archives:

Websites with Further Information on using Archives

The British Library Learning Area has activities and ideas for use of their online resources by students, teachers and the general public.

The National Archives Education Services has details of services they can provide for schools and teachers.

Learning Curve - an online resource from National Archives using archival material.

Becta (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) formerly the National Grid for Learning has links to online archives and resources.

Ideas for using archives in the classroom from the East Midlands Resource for Teachers and Learners (EMsource)

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