Drawings of Anglo-Saxons


Drawings of objects

Activity Sheets

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An archaeologist

Be an Archaeologist and Identify an Object
When archaeologists find objects they draw and record them. You can do this by picking an Anglo-Saxon object and record it using this sheet.word document

Anglo-Saxon manAnglo-Saxon woman

Who wears what?
Find out which objects belong to an Anglo-Saxon man or woman. word document
(The answers word document)

Anglo-Saxon girl and boy

A Day in the Life of an Anglo-Saxon
Learn more about Anglo-Saxon girls and boys.

Warrior ready to hunt out his enemies
Anglo-Saxon Scavenger Hunt
Hunt out objects on this website.
An anglo-saxon burial

Explore the Evidence...Anglo-Saxon Death
Use old documents, photographs and newspaper cuttings to explore an Anglo-Saxon burial.word document

Create Anglo-Saxon Place-Names
Use Old English words to create and identify Anglo-Saxon place-names. word document
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