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The Journey
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The End

Your journey though Anglo-Saxon life and death has now ended.

To continue your journey and find out more about the Anglo-Saxons you could visit these museums and websites:

Discover more about the Anglo-Saxons

The British Museum - has an amazing collection of Anglo-Saxon objects including the famous Sutton Hoo burial.

The Anglo-Saxons - part of the BBC Schools web page.

Buried under Bidford - find out about the Anglo-Saxons and their settlement at Bidford-on-Avon in Warwickshire.

West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village - a reconstruction of an Anglo-Saxon village.

Bede's World - find out more about Bede and monastic life in the Anglo-Saxon period.

Regia Anglorum - a living history society which specialises in recreating Anglo-Saxon life.

The Vikings - a living history society which specialises in recreating Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman, and Celtic life.

Anglo-Saxon culture - part of the Labyrinth Project run by Georgetown University contains links to numerous Anglo-Saxon sites.

Past Explorers - has information on archaeology and many periods including the Anglo-Saxons. Try exploring the virtual Anglo-Saxon village.

What happened next?

The Vikings arrived in Britain in about AD800. You can Meet the Vikings on this website or find out more about the Vikings and what happened to the Anglo-Saxons at the BBC Schools Website. You can further explore the Vikings at the Jorvik website.

The Normans conquered England in AD1066. You can find out more about the Normans at the BBC Website.

Discover more on this website

There are also more things to discover on this website:

Discover more about the Ashmolean Museum

The Ashmolean Museum - has an important collection of Anglo-Saxon objects some of which you have seen on this website.