Drawings of Anglo-Saxons


Drawings of objects

Anglo-Saxon Farms

Most Anglo-Saxons would have been farmers and lived on small rural farms.

Farms would have had buildings to house the family and animals and in which to store crops.

They grewcrops like wheat, barley, rye, oats, beans and vegetables like turnips, carrots, leeks and onions.

Farm drawn by Merlin age 10

Drawing by Merlin age 10

Animals drawn by Anna (sheep), Evie (chicken), Henry (Duck), Alex (Horse), Justine (pig) and Hassan (Cow)

They also kept animals:

  • Sheep were kept for wool, milk and meat. Sheepskin was used for bedding.
  • Cows were kept for milk and meat. There skins were used for leather.
  • Goats were kept for milk and meat
  • Pigs were kept for meat.
  • Horses were kept to ride, to pull carts and ploughs and may occassionally have been eaten
  • Chickens, ducks and geese would have been kept for their eggs, feathers and meat.

Other activities were also have been done on a farm, including spinning and weaving, making pottery, basket weaving, making rope, woodcarving, making bone tools and objects, and possibly some metal working.

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