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Anglo-Saxon Cooking

The Anglo-Saxons cooked their food over an open fire inside their houses. Most cooking was probably done by Anglo-Saxon women.

A cooking pot or iron cauldron would be hung over the fire to cook soups, stews and porridge. These were common foods since they could be left all day to cook over the fire, whilst other chores were being done.

The fire in an Anglo-Saxon house would nearly always be lit for cooking and warmth. A fire would be lit using a piece of flint and a fire steel or strike-a-light. Hitting these together creates a spark which can then be used to light twigs and wood.

Cooking over fire drawn by Anika

Drawing by Anika

Gridle pan on deerskin background
Iron skillets and gridles were also used to cook food over the fire. They are like large flat frying pans.

The Anglo-Saxons cooked bread in a clay bread-oven, which was outside their house. Bread was cooked by lighting a fire in the oven, letting it get hot and removing the ashes. The bread could then be placed inside to cook.

They would probably cook a batch of bread once a day.

Breadoven drawn by Tom age 10

Drawing by Tom age 10