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A Day in the Life of an Anglo-Saxon Woman

Woman drawn by Manisha
Manisha age 8

Aelfwyn is the wife of Burgred, an Anglo-Saxon farmer. She also has two children.

Aelfwyn gets up early in the morning, when the sun rises. She lights the fire and starts to prepare the morning meal which will be eaten mid-morning.

During the morning she milks the cows. She uses the milk to make cheese and butter. She also collects vegetables and herbs from the vegetable garden to be used for the evening meal.

At mid-day she starts preparing the evening meal which is usually a stew. She cooks this over the hearth in the house.

During the day she spins wool, does some weaving on the loom, and sews and repairs clothes. She also helps feed and look after the animals.

Depending on the time of year, she helps harvest the crops, collects fruit from the trees and washes the wool from the sheep. Sometimes she also dyes the wool. In the winter she makes baskets from willow or hazel.

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In the evening Aelfwyn eats the evening meal, which she has prepared, with her family. She will do jobs like spinning and sewing clothes, whilst she sits beside the hearth. Sometimes she tells stories or plays music on her bone flute.

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