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A Day in the Life of an Anglo-Saxon Man

Burgred drawn by Alexandra
Alexandra age 8

Burgred is an Anglo-Saxon farmer.

He owns a small farm, and has a wife and two children.

Burgred gets up early in the morning, when the sun rises, to look after the animals on his farm and chop some wood for the fire.

He eats a meal at mid-morning, usually consisting of bread, cheese, meat or potage - a dish a bit like porridge.

During the day he works on the farm. In the summer, he plants and harvests barley, beans and other crops in the fields. He also shears the sheep and builds any new buildings. In the winter, he repairs fences and make things, like furniture, out of wood. He also slaughters some of the animals and stores them for the winter months. Throughout the year he goes hunting and practices with his spear, in case he needs to protect his home or take part in a battle.

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In the evening Burgred eats an evening meal with his family. Then he does jobs like repairing shoes and making spoons. He does these tasks whilst the family sit round the hearth. Sometimes he or other members of his family tell stories. Sometimes he plays board games with his son. Occassionally he also plays music for the family on his lyre.

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