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What did Anglo-Saxon women wear?

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This is how an Anglo-Saxon woman dressed
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How do we know what Anglo-Saxon women wore?

We cannot be sure exactly what an Anglo-Saxon woman would have worn, but we can make a guess based on objects found in graves, from drawings in Anglo-Saxon books and images on objects.

Anglo-Saxon women wore long under-dresses probably made of linen. On top of this they wore over-dresses made of wool and held together by pairs of brooches at the shoulder. They wore belts at the waist from which hung their knife and pouch. Women wore jewellery, especially if they were very wealthy or important. Like the men, they also wore leather shoes.

Anglo-Saxon woman drawn by Lucien age 9
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Look at these pictures. What can you find out about what Anglo-Saxon women wore from these images? (If you need help identifying the objects click on the pictures)

Grave of woman found at Wallingford
Objects from female grave at Brighthampton
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There were different fashions worn by Anglo-Saxon women in different part of the country. Can you find out what these were in your area?

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