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What did Anglo-Saxon men wear?

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This is how an Anglo-Saxon man dressed
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How do we know what Anglo-Saxon men wore?

We cannot be sure exactly what an Anglo-Saxon man would have worn, but we can make a guess based on objects found in graves, from drawings in Anglo-Saxon books and images on objects.

He wore wool or linen trousers. A tunic made of linen and then a thicker tunic made of wool on top of that. He would wear a belt at his waist which would have his knife and pouch hanging from it. He would also wear leather shoes. Men did not wear much, if any, jewellery.

Anglo-saxon man drawn by Alexandra age 8
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Look at these pictures. What can you find out about what Anglo-Saxon men wore from these images? (Click on the pictures to find out)

Objects from male grave at Brighthampton
Look at man on the Alfred Jewel
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