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Anglo-Saxon Oxford

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1. River Thames Crossing

2. St Aldates Road

3. St Frideswide's Church

4. The burh

5. St Michael at the North Gate

6. The Castle Motte

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Click on map to see sites River Thames Crossing St Aldates Road St Frideswide's Church The Burh St Michael at the North Gate The Castle Motte All these sites
Oxford is first mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles in 911 when King Edward the Elder took possession of the town. It is thought Oxford was founded just before this date as a fortified town known as a burh.
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During the tenth and eleventh centuries (AD900-1100), Oxford becomes an busy market town and important regional centre.

Look at the time line to see some of the major events in Anglo-Saxon Oxford.

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Oxford Timeline - Click to see larger image
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