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E.T. Leeds was famous for his work on the Anglo-Saxons. He was one of the first archaeologists to look at Anglo-Saxon finds across the country.
ET Leeds drawn by Israel age 10
Israel age 10

Leeds working at Cassington in Oxfordshire

Can you see E.T. Leeds in this picture taken during excavations at Cassington in Oxfordshire? A hint is that he's wearing a hat.

He excavated many Anglo-Saxon sites in Oxfordshire and elsewhere in the country, including the cemetery at Abingdon and the settlement at Sutton Courtenay.

Leeds used various different methods to record the objects he looked at:
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For individual objects, such as brooches, he often recorded their details on a single page.

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Leeds would also record the details of individual graves. Sometimes he sketched the skeleton as it was excavated and at other times he listed the finds in a grave.
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He also wrote details of what he saw around Britain and in other countries in notebooks.
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What do these documents say?

These documents and hundreds of others form the Leeds documentary archive, which is held at the Ashmolean Museum. This archive can be used to find out more about the work of Edward Thurlow Leeds and objects held in the museum.